The Best Blogging Tools For WordPress Blogs

When you start blogging, you need the best blogging tools and resources . These tools and resources are required to start a blog or business website, it’s customization, search engine optimization and monetization. In online marketplace, many tools and resources are available for blogging. But, trust me most of them are not working properly and useless. So finding the best tools and resources takes a lot of time, money and energy.

If you are tried to search tools and resources for blogging, you need to test the available options and features which is a very time-consuming and irritating work.

When I started blogging, I made a lot of mistakes like:

  • paying for those tools whose free alternatives are available;
  • paying more money for less useful resources;
  • buying tools on monthly subscriptions whereas same tools are also available with one-time cost.

These mistakes cost me a lot of time and money but I don’t want you to waste your time and money like me.

So to solve this issue, I write this article to tell you all about the best blogging resources and tools that I use myself on my all blogs. In this list, I will mention both types of tools like free and paid. But trust me, if I am recommending a paid tool, then I have already tested the free options and they are not worth the time.

List of the Best Blogging Tools and Resources

List of the Best Blogging Tools and Resources

Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is very important part of every blog or business website. If your hosting service is not good, the you face bad user experience. So, to choose the best and stable web hosting service provider is very hard task.

For Web hosting service, i recommend Hostinger Web Hosting. Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting provider now a days. In this hosting you will also get free domain name for your website in just $2.99 per month, which is budget friendly option.

We have already wrote an informative article about best web hosting service provider. You can read this article to get in detailed review about Hostinger web hosting and other service providers.

WordPress Theme

If you are starting a blog website and looking for the best blogging theme for WordPress the I recommend GeneratePress theme. After web hosting, your blog theme is the next important thing. I already tested hundreds of themes, but none of them has many customizations options as GeneratePress theme have.

Here, i want to mentioned that GeneratePress is also available in free. You can install this theme from your WordPress theme library. But if you need more customization options, you need to purchase the premium plugin of GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress Premium theme gives you a lot of options to customize elements like Header, Footer, Body, Posts, Images and Layout. So, I can recommend GeneratePress Premium without any hesitation.

NOTE: Many sites provides nulled theme for free, Do not use any nulled theme on your blog.

WordPress Plugins

Rank Math: Rank math is a best plugin for doing website on-page SEO. This plugin is simply awesome! It helps you to choose better titles and meta descriptions by giving a score of your completed activity. It also asks you to optimize your images so that you get better rankings in Search Engines.

You can also use variables like Year, Month and Dates in your Titles and Description tags so that in search engines snippets your blog always look updated. If you really want to optimize your blog for Search Engines, then this is the best Option for you.

AIOU: This is another plugin for doing search engine optimization. This WordPress is free for all WordPress users. The Amazing features of AIOU plugin will help you to do better on-page SEO of website and content. You can also try this plugin. Free version of this plugin is enough for beginner users.

Easy Social Share Plugin: This plugin is used to display social media buttons and icons on you blog. This is the best and free social plugin in the market. Before it, I tested more than ten free social media plugins and no one match for me. Most of them are full of custom CSS code and will slow down your website. 

So Easy Social Share Plugin gives you a lot of customizations and you can put beautiful social media icons on your blog without slowing it down.

Dynamic Month & Year into Posts: This is also a great and Free plugin if you want to use month/year variables in your posts. By using this plugin you can add today’s date by [date], current year by [year], previous year by [pyear], next year by [nyear] and current month (like May) by [month] anywhere, including content and title. Dynamic Month & Year into Posts automatically updates post title and content with the current month, year and date etc. Very useful for on-page optimization and better search engine rankings.

Contextual Related Posts: This is the best, and also free, plugin that gives you the freedom to display related posts at any place on your blog. It increases reader’s retention and reduces the bounce rates. It helps the user to explore more posts on your blog which increases the average time a user spends on your blog. More time spent means more user engagement.

Simple Author Box: This is another great plugin and FREE tool! It adds a responsive author box with social plugins on your blog. I used many other author box plugins but this is the best one!

Websites & Services

Canva: Canva is a free online graphic designing tool. You can use this free tool to create images for your blog post and blog banners. I use this Canva to create images for my blog. You can create a very good quality images from their website. It is also a FREE tool.

If you need more templates or graphic in canva, you can get monthly subscription from any third party service provider. You can also contact me, if you need premium subscription of this tool.

So, this is a list of some best blogging tools and resources. I will keep adding more tools and resources to this list after testing them. So, please keep checking the list every couple of days to keep yourself updated with the more useful tools and resources.

Have questions? simply contact us and ask anything about Blogging. I will reply to your message personally and in shortest possible time!

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