Best Free Blogging Platforms to Make Money Online

If you are wondering about How to start a free blog then stay here. If you are also in search of the best free blogging platform to make money online in 2023, then invest your few minutes in getting information about the best free blogging platforms.

A free blog is the best way to start your career in Blogging as it needs a lot of learning in the initial stage. I can promise you, after reading this article, you will start your first free blog from today.

Many peoples want to start but can’t find the right platform to launch their blog website. Here are some free and paid blogging platforms which will boost your blogging career.

The few top-notch Best blogging platforms for beginners to create a blog for free.

01. WordPress [#1 best blogging platform]

WordPress Blogging

It is arguably the best platform, especially for free blogging sites blogs. WordPress blogging is the simplest, most popular, and easiest way to create your website or blog.

WordPress powers over 37.6% of all the sites on the Internet, as mentioned on their website. Put that to perspective, more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a free platform to use except for the add ons and premium widgets. The website is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. WordPress blogging is straightforward to use for first-timers, and it is very intuitive.

I have used both: a free version (for my site) and the premium version (for work). So far, and they both are celebrated for their purposes. 

The premium version provides everything required for a professional business page, and the free version offers you a great start to your blog, from which you can switch to premium.

The plugins are active and easy to use, which add significant value to the platform. The integration with other software is usually pretty easy and works great. I rate WordPress blogging very highly.

On the internet, many companies provides WordPress hosting service for blogs or other business website. if you want to get more information, read Best Web hosting for Small Business website.

02. Blogger [#1 best free blogging platform for beginners]

Blogger website

If you want to start writing right now, Blogger is the best platform that has perhaps the most user-friendly interface. Owned by Google, Blogger is a free platform through which you can give life to your thoughts. 

Blogger is the best blogging platform to make money for free. It provides a bunch of themes to use with different skins. As Google owns it, you can directly log in to your Google account and start blogging within a few minutes.

The fact which makes me love Blogger is that it is a free platform. Credit to its open-source design where you can design your blog and place it online in seconds and through its comprehensive set of resplendent templates with very professional features. 

It perfectly complements audio and videos, which allows me to make the blog more interactive, since you don’t have to be typing cumbersome codes in some complicated language. 

However, Blogger is compatible with analysis and statistics integrations where the iterations with google AdSense are shown. Blogger is undoubtedly one of the best blogging platforms for beginners until now.

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03. Jimdo

Jimdo website

After ‘blogger, the best free blogging platform on my list is ‘Jimdo’. The free version is awe-inspiring owing to its “free” with its essential features.

Although not recommended for sophisticated blogs, essential blogs are its speciality. It is highly recommended to those people who are starting Blogging.

The thing I like in Jimdo is that it is a very intuitive tool. You can quickly build a website or shop within seconds without any programming knowledge.

I have a chance to change our pattern at any time without losing our work. It is straightforward to drag and drop our images right to the user site. The processing speed is visible too, and this also proves to be the best blogging platform for beginners.

04. Joomla [#1 best blogging platforms for students]

Joomla Website

Many people compare Joomla and WordPress owing to the similar interface, but comparing the free versions of both, Joomla has the cutting edge.

Joomla offers old school, basic website designing, which is trending a lot these days. Natural hosting a domain is paid, but the free version is not wrong either.

Many of the key web browsers and scripts used for standard responsive functionality and web page action features can be enabled smoothly and with ease in the Joomla system.

There is an end number of themes and design assets that can be used from paid and free libraries on the Internet. Joomla is in sync with the latest internet browsing servers, which shows its adaptability.

05. Tumblr [Best open source blog platform]

Tumblr website

Tumblr is another best free blogging platform to create blogs. Tumblr is a great platform, to begin with, Blogging, and is quite popular among millennials. It provides all the necessary options and themes, which makes your blog look idyllic. Tumblr allows you to add a custom domain on your very own personal Tumblr. 

Moreover, it is used by thousands of bloggers to publish their content and to share theirs on the Internet. Even a free blog app is available for Tumblr on Play store. 

Tumblr is free with a Tumblr subdomain (, but you can also connect to a custom domain name that you own. It is why it is commonly called a “microblogging tool”.

It makes it easy to blog videos, images, audio, and GIFs. It has a quirky feel to it that helps us connect with younger people. Tumblr permits its users to search for tags and keywords related to the media they want to see. 

We can add tags to our images to make them easier for users to find. The overall layout of the platform is pleasant and easy to use. I also like that users can comment or share media in their own Tumblr accounts. 

I love Tumblr’s blogging system, which allows us to upload a ton of photos, which can save a bunch of server space. It is easy to use and an organized place for people to go and view your posts. It’s easy to tag photos so they are searchable by users that might be interested in your posts. It is one of the best blogging sites. 

06. Wix

wix website

Wix is a free website along with a blog builder that can be managed from the front end. The design of the site is glorious and scrumptious, with free hosting included. They possess an extensive collection of free templates for Blogging, which would make your blogging experience better. It is one of the best free template providers. blogging is best suited for those who want a regular website along with a blog. My favourite part of Wix is that it has a constructor that allows you to choose templates with predefined texts so that it is easier to create the website design. 

I call blogging, the best free blogging platform after WordPress blogging because of its most crucial feature. It is based on dragging and dropping elements such as images, texts, or widgets. 

Besides, it has a very affordable cost compared to other competitors. I love how easy it is to add elements to a Wix website, add apps, and just about any form/idea/widget you could come up with is drag and drop, easy to use, and preview. 

You can easily customize your website without professional help. While this is great for beginners and intermediate users, it can be tough if you aren’t a designer to create a professional-looking website. I also love how easy it is to add a shop, emails, etc. to my essential subscription.

07. Ghost

ghost website

Many users around the world use Ghost a lot because of its bright and easy to use interface. Ghost is one of the best free blogging service providers. The best thing about it is that it allows users to add many plugins in the tool. Moreover, the device is so lightweight and easy to create static pages on this platform. 

Its interface allows filtering contents to segregate relevant data from spam or junk. Ghost is a super-fast next-generation blogging platform; it’s easy to use interface is exciting. Bloggers old and new, both will know exactly how to use this platform. Using Ghost for a few months now, after converting my websites from WordPress into it, I love it. 

I moved to Ghost as it a lightweight alternate along with it being free. It provides simple blogging and page features, primary contact forms, but unlimited plugin possibilities for more advanced users. 

The back-end interface is easy to use, sleek, and perfect for casual users; this is one of the best blogging platform 2023.

08. Squarespace

People love to blog with Squarespace. It aims to allow people with creative ideas to succeed without needing coding skills. 

Squarespace platform is easy to manage, giving you time to focus on your goals. If you want a host of high-quality tools right at your fingertips and don’t want to think about hosting security, or coding, then Squarespace is the best free blogging platform for you.

It is a drag and drops a visual website builder, and it’s excellent. It is known for a beautiful template, but it also has outstanding features. Squarespace is the best blog creator.

It is only one website builder that lets you syndicate a podcast. It also has the best donation system of any website builder, and it’s not even close. It also enables you to create email marketing campaigns. “When we were looking to create our blog, Squarespace will perfectly fit.”

09. Medium

Medium is not ordinary, like other platforms on the Internet. My priority is to help you to find the best compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. 

Medium is an example of social journalism. It has a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium and is regularly regarded as a blog host.

Almost all will agree that Medium is a great place to share your ideas. I have found that it’s simple, clean, and easy to use. If you have worked to create a large following on social media networks, you want to stay connected with them in every way possible. 

If you connect your medium profile with twitter, you will automatically be connected with your followers already on Medium! Valuable post analytics data points are available on Medium.

Your reading and clapping go into how Medium pays writers for their work on the platform with claps and your time spent reading, you control where your monthly fee goes. As a member, there are more ways for you to experience Medium stories.

In simple word editors like Medium, it’s effortless to see how many articles can look similar in terms of style. That is because went the Apple route of design. Easy to use and beautifully simple has its partner applet with Unsplash, a great place to start looking for beautiful free images to use.

Conclusion on Free Blogging Platform List

Here are the top best Free Blogging Platform List. Blogging platforms are free up to some limited areas, but to become a professional blogger requires hosting domains that need money. 

If you want to create a professional blog and indeed of How to start a blog like professional, But these are some of the best blogging platforms and most efficient, cheap, and easy-to-use options that allow you to blog and share your thoughts with the world.

These views are personal and not against any website. After checking many sites, these are the best alternatives that one can use. I hope this helps you choose your destination. 

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