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  1. Fill in the complete information including: Your Name, Website Name and Website URL.
  2. Click on Generate Button for Generating HTML Code.
  3. Your Page is Created. Copy the code below and paste it into your website page.

Privacy Policy Page Generator

Generate privacy policy for your blog to get Adsense approval fast.

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Privacy Policy Page Generator Tool

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Do you have a business website or you have a blog. You want to create a professional privacy policy page for your website. This tool is for you. With the help of this free tool, you can create professional and unique privacy policy page in just a few clicks.

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is a legal document that describe how your website or business collects, stores, and use personal information of user. This information also explains how customers or visitors can access, update, and delete their personal data. Privacy policies are important now a days because they users to know about the information protection.

Why Privacy Policy page is Important?

Privacy Policy page helps users to know about the protection of their personal information and privacy. With the help of this page, you can provide information about how you protect their privacy and information and how you use them. This page helps all visitors to know what data you collect and how to save them from other sites. Also, this page is highly recommended by Google Adsense.

Good News

As per the recent update of Google GDPR policy is important. our tool also add this policy in the page.

How to use this Tool?

This tool is very simple to use. You Just Need to Fill the required information in fields and then simply click on Generate button. Wow! Your Page is generated. You can also get a preview of your page. Just Copy the the code and Paste it in to your Website and Publish it.

Note: Our website uses CSS code to decorate the page. Your code will detect your website’s CSS code and decorate accordingly. Otherwise it will show simply.

Limitation of Our Tool:

Our tools have no limits to their use. You can create pages as much as you want. This tool is free for all user.

Important Information about this Tool

We made this tool according to Google Policies. With the help of this tool, you can easily get approval of Google Adsense or any other Monetization Program.

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